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Pick N' Pluck Foam

Pick Ní Pluck foam is a great way to protect your gun or items in your case in an inexpensive way. Pick Ní Pluck foam consists of blocks vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that can be easily plucked out to create your own custom cavity to provide a safe and secure fit for your items. Pick Ní Pluck foam is cut custom to your case to give it an exact fit to your case to ensure that your items and accessories and protected as well as they can be, but because of this they are not returnable. Even though flat foam and convolute foams works great in protecting your equipment, pick ní pluck works better because you can create a cavity that will give your item a snug fit and wonít let your item move around. If your want even more protection check out our Custom Foam Inserts. Custom Foam Inserts are more expensive, but are the best at protecting you items and accessories because each cavity is cut exactly to what the part is. Many cases we offer come with an option of Pick Ní Pluck, which includes three different foams. Convolute will come in the lid, with a flatpad at the bottom and Pick Ní Pluck resting in between them in the middle. The foam is durable, long-lasting standard polyurethane. Pick Ní Pluck also is great if you make a mistake because you will be able to replace the cubes by gluing them back into place with a clear rubber-base cement or contact spray adhesive. You will be able to order it to fit your case right from our website, no having to call and wait, just simply insert the size you need and we will cut it out and ship it to you. Also be sure to check out our helpful hints page when plucking the foam out to make sure you will get the maximum protection out of the foam. Pick Ní Pluck is great for your average traveler who isnít looking to travel too far and doesnít want to spend a lot of money, but still get the most protection possible. Pick Ní Pluck is inexpensive, a simple do it yourself project and will protect anything you can fit in your case.

A laye with pick n pluck foam with piece removed



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