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Foam Lining for Cases

Foam lined cases offer a universal solution to certain packaging requirements. Often we want to use the same case, but need different inserts for different parts. Although convolute foam will work great for items such as pistols or tools, sometime we need more open space in the case with rather than filling it completely with foam. Foam lining a case gives us the middle ground we are searching for. Foam lined cases are great for storing cables, accessories and non delicate parts. Also if you plan on wrapping your own parts in bubble wrap or similar material, a foam lined shipping case will give cushion against the walls of the case while also offering a heavy duty exterior to protect valuables during transit.

Also, be sure to learn about the Different types of Foam as well as the Different Variations of Foam.

Foam Lined Cases can be lined with 1/2", 1", 1 1/2" or 2" thick layers of Polyurethane or Polyethylene foam. Allowing the case to be used for multiple or bulky items.

For a more exact fit be sure to check out our custom foam inserts or pick n pluck foam.

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