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Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts are the best way to protect your items in your case. No matter what size case, what size equipment, from the smallest case we sell, to the biggest case we sell, we can cut custom foam for them. We specialize in custom foam inserts in any situation, any kind of parts from guns, electronics, tools, whatever you need we can cut it. One of the main reasons to go with custom foam inserts is protection. There is no better way to protect your equipment because each cavity is cut specifically for that item. So instead of having your item sit above the foam where it is most vulnerable to be damaged, it sits in it own custom cavity, so any hit or jolt is spread out across the foam. Another reason is how easy it is for you. We have four easy and simple ways for you to get us the layout you need. First, you can trace the parts and send us a full size tracing. Next, one of the easiest way for you is send us the actual parts and we can do all the work. You can also draw the parts using a paint or similar program on your computer and lastly, you can construct the layout using a cad program. From there we will cut out exactly what you give us and then ship it to you in usually 2-4 days. No having to pluck foam out and worrying about messing that up or anything like that, just put the foam and equipment in your case and go. One last reason to get a custom foam insert is it just looks better than anything else. Everyone likes to have their gun and equipment to look good. The custom foam really compliments what goes in the case. If you want to see some examples of what we have done check out our custom foam inserts gallery and if you see one you like you will be able to order it. Whether you are going to a job site with tools or going on hunting trip for the weekend with some buddies custom foam inserts are the best way to carry what you need in your case.



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